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We are a Pregnancy Resource Center located in Staten Island, committed to assisting women and families who are facing unplanned pregnancies by providing them accurate information about their options and by offering them ongoing support.  

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and we rely on the generosity of our donors for support.

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A Word from the Director......

Dear Friend of Cross Road,

 Each year some of our mothers, along with staff and board members, march in the Fourth of July parade in Travis. This patriotic display is encouraging both to participants and spectators and serves as a reminder that our freedom, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, is indeed a precious gift.

 Prominent among the self-evident truths proclaimed in that foundational document are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What the authors did not specify, probably because it was not necessary, was the order of these inalienable rights. Common sense, apparently more in vogue two centuries ago, would recognize that the right to life is prior to our right to liberty just as liberty comes before our pursuit of happiness. The idea, implicit in the Declaration, is that when these rights come into conflict among citizens the prior right should take precedent. So my pursuit of happiness is restricted by Tomís right to liberty while Tomís right to liberty is limited by Sallyís right to life.

 In 1973, the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in Roe v Wade reversed these priorities such that the right to life of an unborn child became constrained by the right to liberty of the mother while the liberty of the mother was effectively subordinated to the pursuit of pleasure by the father.

 As we notice in more recent Supreme Court decisions, this disorder has gotten progressively worse over the last forty years.  Not only do we continue to abort more than one million babies each year but we now condemn anyone who dares to maintain that procreation is one of the essential ends of marriage.  Any hope for our nationís future begins with the recovery of our most fundamental right to life from the instant of conception to the moment of natural death.

 At Cross Road we will make every effort to help women and couples regain the true order of their inalienable rights. Our hope is that they might find happiness and that our nation may find its way back on the road to peace and prosperity. Thank you for your continued support of our work.

May God bless America. 


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