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Dear Friend of Cross Road,

In life there are no manuals or road maps to foresee the direction in which our lives are headed or what decisions may be appropriate to save us from making poor choices. Ernest Hemingway's Quote says "We have to get used to the idea that at the most important crossroads in our life there are no signs." With the dawn of the sun each day our office is open and ready to help the women entering our facility who are confused, misled or just need to be given their voice back in a difficult position where two roads meet hoping that our decision will lead us to the most successful path in life.

I have found myself at a crossroad as the new director of the Cross Road Foundation. I am grateful to be given such an incredible opportunity to embrace so many young women and their children within our community. With the continued support of our benefactors and volunteers we strive to pave a new pathway into the ever changing world. Our young people increasingly rely on social media for information and we need to reach them in this day and age; with the rapidly evolving and transforming empire, educating and empowering the youth today to make healthy choices when faced or dealing with pregnancy.

After 11 years, William Harder has come to his own personal cross road and moved on to a new career. He paved the way and set a firm foundation which will serve us well to continue assisting the families of Staten Island. William Harder will always remain a part of the Cross Road family and we all wish him well.

Thank you for the continued support.

Kimberly Carbonaro


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