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We are a Pregnancy Resource Center located in Staten Island, committed to assisting women and families who are facing unplanned pregnancies by providing them accurate information about their options and by offering them ongoing support.  

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A Word from the Director......

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, “to kill with kindness” is to “overwhelm or harm someone with mistaken or excessive benevolence.” And while, in general, a civil society is marked by its magnanimity there is a danger in being too nice, just as there is a danger in giving a child too much candy or giving a young woman a limitless supply of hormonal contraceptives. Extreme kindness weakens the will of the receiver and leads to an even greater dependence on the giver.

Our nation’s fifty year “War on Poverty” assumed that prosperity would follow simply from the elimination of physical need. As well intentioned as it may have been, it has brought instead much devastation to the families it was designed to help. Likewise, the current “War on Women,” being reprised for this election cycle, promises women pleasure without pain by providing them with free oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancies. Putting aside their cynical regard of women as helpless or of pregnancy as a disease, these proponents would give out Plan B pills like gum drops to high school girls knowing that this would result not only in increased rates of STDs such as herpes or the HPV infection, but also in an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Just as studies that showed a high rate of HPV infection among women were muted a decade ago, before a vaccine was developed, so too studies showing the undeniable link between the use of oral contraceptives and breast cancer are now ignored  or dismissed by researchers sensitive to the political agenda of those who provide their grants. Yet having reviewed many of these studies, Dr. Lisa Honkanen, who apparently didn’t get their memo, points out the indisputable fact that the more estrogen a woman is exposed to in her lifetime, the higher is her risk of developing breast cancer. Dr. Lisa further observes that delaying a first pregnancy through contraceptive use extends the time frame when a woman’s breast tissue is susceptible to damage from all carcinogens, including estradiol, the artificial estrogen used in “low dose” birth control pills. The promise to provide free contraceptives to all women, codified in the Affordable Care Act, while seeming to some to be a kind, benevolent deed, is a potential killer.

Occasionally we have a high school student who comes into our center for a pregnancy test, accompanied by her friends. They are all grins and giggles in the waiting room while she suddenly becomes serious as she goes in for the test. When she gets a negative result, her smile returns and she is ready to rush back out to her buddies. But this is our own small window of opportunity to remind her of the real danger of contracting an STD and inform her of the health risk involved with using Plan B and other oral contraceptives. To some sensitive educators, it may seem cruel to disturb a teen’s romantic feelings with such tangible facts. But this is really another way of being kind, a way that doesn’t kill but empowers.  Our goal is to help the young woman to see clearly the consequences that follow from her choices. It is a way of helping her accept her adult responsibilities. When she returns to her friends it is usually with a more sober expression and hopefully helps them all to assume a more serious approach to life.

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